Wedding Chura

The blood-red and white is the traditional Dulhan Chura colour that will never go out of style. If you’re planning to go with traditional bridal jewellery, the red chura along with a Polki necklace or Kundan jewellery would just complete your look. It is now normal for the bride to wear her choora for a month and a quarter (40 days). As the choora is made of fragile materials, Punjabi custom has it that the bride may refrain from heavy housework in her marital home to keep it intact for the 40 days, as a kind of honeymoon.

But now, the new brides are allowed to wear wedding Chura for 40 days and then gets to replace them with lighter bangles by performing a Puja ceremony for the same. The bride’s chura is said to bring good luck to the newlyweds. It is a symbol of fertility, fortune and prosperity. It is believed that it strengthens the bond between the newly-wed couple.

To begin the Chuda ceremony, a small prayer session is organized for the bride after which the chuda bangles are dipped in milk and roses to purify them. After this, the bride is made to wear these chudas and a white cloth is wrapped around them till the time the wedding ceremony doesn’t start Traditionally, a set of 21 bangles in red/maroon and white/ivory is selected for this ceremony by the bride’s maternal uncle (mama) and aunt (mami). They gift the chooda to the bride during the ceremony.