Veg Manchurian Dry

Veg manchurian dry recipe – This is the Indo Chinese starter dish where fried vegetable balls are coated with thick, flavorful sauce. Since this is the dry version there is no gravy.

I have already shared the veg manchurian gravy version that we love with steamed rice or veg fried rice. But this time I am sharing the dry veg manchurian recipe. We love to have it as a snack occasionally.

Making manchurian balls is little time consuming. But if you have used food processor or chopper for chopping task. This can be done in less time.

After that making thick, spicy, slightly tangy and sweet sauce will take just 5-7 minutes only. At the end, mix the balls with this sauce and it is ready.

About this recipe

Veg manchurian gravy recipe has a sauce or gravy in which the fried veggies balls are tossed and dunked.

The sauce has a mix of eclectic flavors and tastes like sweet, savory, spicy, sour and umami. The recipe is also vegan.

Manchurian in the Indian lingo is a term for fried veggies or fried meat (fish or prawns or chicken) in this spicy-umami sauce.

You can also call the sauce as manchurian sauce. Manchurian and many other Indian Chinese recipes were an invention of the Chinese community living in Kolkata.

This Chinese style of cooking was largely adapted to suit the Indian palate and also to have more vegetarian options in the cuisine.