Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is popular Indian street food where dinner rolls/buns are served with spicy mashed veggies topped with dollop of butter. Street food doesn’t get better than this! This Pav Bhaji Recipe is spicy, so flavorful and can be easily made vegan by replacing butter with vegan butter! If you have never had this in your life, you are seriously missing out. Indian street food is my favorite kind of food. It’s something that I can eat everyday and still not get bored of it ever. I can’t handle too much spice but somehow my tolerance level magically increases when I go to India and eat from those street vendors! I really don’t know how it happens but it happens every single time especially when it comes to things like aloo tikki or samosa chaat. Ever since I can remember, I have been a huge pav bhaji fan. You can find it pretty much everywhere in India but if you want to taste the best pav bhaji , go to Mumbai! That’s where this dish originated from and the one at Juhu Beach is so good, trust me. I ate pav bhaji all my life but can still not forget the one I had in Mumbai. I think next time I go home, I will make a trip to Mumbai only for the food.