Digital Camera

Shopping for a digital camera? We’re here to help. We review all types of photo gear, everything from pocket-friendly cameras to high-end gear for pro photographers. It’s a diverse space, one that can be hard to navigate if you don’t spend all of your free time reading photo blogs and talking about your favorite new lens on an enthusiast forum.

Our goal is to help you find a camera that suits your needs, regardless of whether you’re a family photographer looking for something better than a smartphone, or an enthusiast trying to decide between an SLR and a mirrorless camera system.

If you have an idea of what type of camera you want, check our top The Canon EOS R7 is a mirrorless camera tailor-made for photographers who want to capture sports, wildlife, and other subjects that call for fast, accurate autofocus. And the R7 excels at identifying people, pets, wildlife, and race cars. The 32.5MP APS-C format image sensor matches well with telephoto lenses, offers plenty of resolution for crops, and supports 4K60 video for cinema and vlogs. Weather-protected, magnesium construction makes the R7 a camera you can take out into the world. overall recommendations below. Otherwise, scroll down farther for a detailed look at the most popular camera classes and our favorites in those categories.

We test and rate scores of cameras and lenses each year, from pocket-friendly models to high-end medium format systems. Here’s everything you need to know to pick the best digital camera for you.